California Campus Compact Community Engagement Student Fellows

The California Campus Compact Community Engagement Fellowship program involves Stanbridge University students in a 50-hour volunteer project to foster their classroom skills while meeting community needs. Watch the videos below to learn about the individual fellowship projects and how they impacted our students’ educational experience.

Vet Tech Students, Ms. Marget Han and Ms. Shelby Patrick

Project Partner: Project Wildsong

California Campus Compact Community Engagement Student Fellows and Stanbridge University Veterinary Technology students Margaret Han and Shelby Patrick volunteered with Project Wildsong to work with the ambassador wolves. Ms. Han and Ms. Patrick worked with Project Wildsong to create and implement interactive experiences for the public to interact with and learn about wolves. At the same time, the Vet Tech students learned how to care for exotic animals and how important it is for our community to be able to aid conservation of wildlife and wild animals on our planet.

Physical Therapist Assistant Student, Ms. Chantal Perrenoud

Project Partner: Blind Children’s Learning Center

Chantal Perrenoud, a Physical Therapist Assistant student at Stanbridge University and California Campus Compact Community Engagement Student Fellow, volunteered with the Blind Children’s Learning Center to create a motor program for their infant, toddler, and preschool classes.

Vet Tech Student, Ms. Taylor Venable

Project Partner: The Orange County Zoo

California Campus Compact Community Engagement Student Fellow and Stanbridge Vet Tech student Taylor Venable volunteered with the Orange County Zoo for her fellowship project. While learning about exotic animal husbandry, diet, and behavior, Taylor designed and implemented a new enrichment program specialized for their bears and an evaluation form for the zoo staff and all of the different animals to help improve the lives of the animals and the efficiency of the zoo.

Occupational Therapy Student, Ms. Anneke Van Ommering

Project Partner: Life Rolls On

California Campus Compact Community Engagement Student Fellow and Stanbridge Occupational Therapy student Anneke Van Ommering volunteered with Life Rolls On, an adaptive surfing camp for people with disabilities. On the shoreline of La Jolla, California, Anneke helped participants catch waves with adaptive surfboards. In her project, Anneke helped Life Rolls On implement a needs assessment program to provide better service and engagement for its participants.

PTA Student, Mr. Karl Andres

Project Partner: OC Bike Camp and Ninja Warrior Recreation Camp

Stanbridge University Physical Therapist Assistant student Karl Andres volunteered to support children with special needs at the OC Bike Camp, hosted by the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County, United Cerebral Palsy of Orange County, and iCanShine, and the Ninja Warrior Recreation Camp hosted by United Cerebral Palsy of Orange County and Life Without Limits Recreation Center. While training volunteers, Karl’s goal was to help provide participating children the opportunities for beneficial adaptive physical engagement, independent life skills, and fun.

OTA Student, Ms. Patricia Hansen

Project Partner: The High Hopes Head Injury Program

Stanbridge University Occupational Therapy Assistant Student, Ms. Patricia Hansen, used her skills while volunteering with survivors of traumatic head injuries at High Hopes Head Injury Program. Through the innovative Lokomat machine, a robot-assisted walking therapy device, this Campus Compact Community Engagement Student Fellow gained a better understanding of how clients can use walking therapy to improve mobility and independence.

Occupational Therapy Student, Ms. Whitney Boetel

Project Partner: The WAVES Project, Inc.

In her fellowship project, Ms. Whitney Boetel volunteered with the WAVES Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding wounded American combat veterans with spinal cord injuries, PTSD, amputations, and other impairments, by providing a therapeutic scuba diving experience. Ms. Boetel worked with Stanbridge faculty to develop a supplemental Occupational Therapy lesson plan to accompany the WAVES diving curriculum, and help WAVES expand its scope to allow more veterans access to the program.

Student Nurse, Ms. Paige Dillman

Project Partner: Saddleback Memorial Medical Center

Volunteering with Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, Stanbridge Nursing student, Ms. Paige Dillman assisted hospital staff in their goal to achieve Magnet status through the American Nurses’ Credentialing Center. She worked with the professional development team to evaluate and enhance employee retention. During her project, she learned about evidence-based practice and how she could use it in her nursing career to promote future improvements in the healthcare system.

Vet Tech Student, Ms. Cedar Yardumian

Project Partner: The Orange County Zoo and Serrano Animal Hospital

Vet Tech student, Ms. Cedar Yardumian completed her fellowship project at the Orange County Zoo and the Serrano Animal & Bird Hospital. She assisted the veterinary team in researching and preparing care sheets for exotic pets such as ferrets, prairie dogs, hedgehogs, and rabbits, providing much-needed education to pet owners to ensure proper care and prevent health issues.

OTA Student, Ms. Juliene Espinoza

Project Partner: Maxum Therapy

OTA student, Ms. Juliene Espinoza volunteered with Maxum Therapy, an outpatient clinic offering Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy to individuals with a variety of diagnoses. Working alongside therapists in all three of these disciplines in the pediatric unit, she provided support to the therapy staff at Maxum by developing handouts, information packets, and evaluations to assist families in participating in their child’s therapy.

Occupational Therapy Student, Ms. Erica Pueblos

Project Partner: The High Hopes Head Injury Program

Graduate student in the Occupational Therapy program, Ms. Erica Pueblos served her fellowship with High Hopes Head Injury Program. Erica volunteered alongside the occupational therapy staff at High Hopes to assist with a variety of these activities, allowing her to gain valuable experience that will benefit her studies and future career as an Occupational Therapist.

Vet Tech Student, Ms. Taylor Weigand

Project Partner: The Orange County Animal Care Center

Every animal deserves dedication, responsibility, and most of all, love. Learn how Stanbridge University Veterinary Technology student, Ms. Taylor Weigand found her true calling through her Campus Compact Community Engagement Student Fellowship project with the Orange County Animal Care Center.

PTA Student, Mr. Richard Gavino

Project Partner: Broadway by the Sea, Skilled Nursing Facility

With guidance from Stanbridge University Physical Therapist Assistant faculty, Mr. Richard Gavino conducted research on strategies for providing therapy to patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. His findings will help develop an evidence-based in-service presentation for the rehabilitation staff at Broadway by the Sea, a skilled nursing facility in Long Beach, CA.

Occupational Therapy Student, Ms. Jasmine Zogas

Project Partner: The Illumination Foundation

Ms. Jasmine Zogas, a Stanbridge University Occupational Therapy student, implemented a gardening club for homeless individuals. Working with the Illumination Foundation, Ms. Zogas’ efforts have made a positive impact in the OC community.

Student Nurse, Ms. Jacquelyn DuVall

Project Partner: Saddleback Memorial Medical Center

Stanbridge University student nurse in the ADN (RN) degree program, Ms. Jacquelyn DuVall, assisted in the launch of the GetWell Network, an interactive patient care program at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center. Trained as a "Super User", Ms. Duvall learned leadership and interpersonal communication skills as she helped trained other nurses and hospital staff to use the system to support patients’ health education.

PTA Student, Mr. Jeffrey Yusam

Project Partner: The Illumination Foundation

Discover how Stanbridge University Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) student, Mr. Jeffrey Yusam, conducted a diabetic foot care program with the homeless clients at the Illumination Foundation Recuperative Care Center. Jeffrey also created an educational handout to distribute to the clients, provided demonstrations on proper foot care and teach clients prevention techniques for their health.

OTA Student, Ms. Carolyn Vo

Project Partner: The High Hopes Head Injury Program

Building empathy and support by walking in their shoes, Stanbridge University Occupational Therapy Assistant student, Ms. Carolyn Vo volunteered at the High Hopes Head Injury program to help survivors of traumatic brain injuries.

Student Nurse, Rielle Castillo

Project Partner: Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center

Volunteering at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center, Ms. Rielle Castillo is helping to implement GetWell Network, a new interactive program designed to improve operational outcomes and patient satisfaction. GetWell Network allows patients to utilize the televisions in their rooms to communicate with hospital staff, view educational content customized for them by their nurse, and access tools to become a more active participant in their health.

Occupational Therapy Students, Lauren Schneider & Jennifer Chin

Project Partner: Life College

As student fellows, OT students, Ms. Lauren Schneider and Ms. Jennifer Chin volunteered with Life College teaching life skills classes to young adults with autism, fragile X syndrome, and brain injuries. During their fellowship, they instructed classes on basic cooking and good nutrition, how to properly press their own clothes, and conducted mock job interviews to instill confidence. The lessons taught by the OT students aimed to help Life College students successfully transition to working and living on their own, without the full-time assistance of family members or specialists.