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Remarkable people,
real impact.

True Stories

Stanbridge is the platform upon which many students live out powerful, personal stories. They show courage and tenacity, bringing everything they've learned to the aid of humanity. We celebrate our Alumni and share their stories as a reminder that every small step in the right direction can lead to incredible achievement.

  • Jacquelyn DuVall Post

    RN Graduate

    Jacquelyn DuVall Post

    "The faculty at Stanbridge University have a diverse, and extensive amount of experience from their specialized areas of nursing practice. Each instructor has a passion for nursing education and will help to guide you and prepare you for your future career as a nurse. Earning this degree has given me confidence and a sense of purpose in my life. I’m so excited for what the future has to offer."

  • Shaneill Davis

    OTA Graduate

    Shaneill Davis

    "I was well prepared and very comfortable in my fieldwork and also out in the workforce. I felt like I was a professional already due to that previous experience at Stanbridge University. From the time that I started Stanbridge University until the time that I graduated, they were so helpful and supportive, and so adamant about making sure that I got job placement that I actually got a job interview one week after I graduated. Every day I get to wake up and go to a job that I truly enjoy all because of Stanbridge University."

  • Benedicto Flores

    Vet Tech Graduate

    Benedicto Flores

    "Being a part of the Veterinary Technology program is probably one of the best choices I've made in my life thus far. The technology that Stanbridge has to complement the courses of its programs goes hand in hand. Some of the tools we have access to are things that are only seen at the most prestigious of schools. To simply have the ability to use such unique tools only sky rockets ones learning curve while attending Stanbridge and I'm glad to have been part of such a school."

Alumni Awards

In the face of immense adversity, we have the honor of watching students act out true courage, personal sacrifice, empathy and perseverance. They overcome every reason to fail and fulfill a larger purpose. These are our truest leaders, and we celebrate them with the Annual Alumni Awards.

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