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Vocational Nursing LVN Program

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Why Stanbridge

Through immersive, hands-on learning with comprehensive NCLEX-PN exam preparation, you will be equipped with the tools for every challenge of a modern vocational nursing career.

  • #1 Best LVN Program in CA, OC campus,, 20221
  • 96% NCLEX Licensure Pass Rate, 5-year average, OC campus2
  • 91% NCLEX Licensure Pass Rate, 2-year average, LA campus2
  • Hands-on training in high-fidelity Simulation and Nursing Skills Labs

Overview & Accreditation

Find your calling as a Vocational Nurse (VN)

Are you passionate about helping others? Discover our Vocational Nursing program and begin your exciting journey to becoming a nurse. Alongside real-world healthcare practices in advanced training facilities on campus, you will receive expert guidance, a foundation in anatomy, terminology, and med math skills for LVNs, and comprehensive Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) exam preparation. Learn hands-on as you prepare to become a confident, compassionate Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN).

The Associate of Occupational Science in Vocational Nursing program is approved by the California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT) at the Orange County and Los Angeles campuses. The Riverside campus is pending approval. The BVNPT is located at 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive Suite 205, Sacramento, CA 95833 and can be reached at (916) 263-7800. Their website is


Take the first step for your future

Stanbridge University accepts applications for admission to our Vocational Nurse program on an open enrollment basis. To apply, please visit the Stanbridge University Portal to access the application form. Your Admissions Representative will provide you with details for each step.

  • Complete an online application form. Click here to start.
  • Submit acknowledgement of the COVID-19 Vaccination disclosure.
  • Take the Online Readiness Quiz.
  • Meet with your Admissions Representative for a personal tour of the campus.
  • Take the entrance exam appropriate for your educational level and program.
  • Provide proof of high school graduation, a GED or a higher degree.
  • Meet with a Financial Aid Representative to review your tuition funding options.
  • Attend an interview with a designated member of the VN program.
  • If accepted, complete enrollment paperwork and background check.
  • Submit transfer of credit request by 14th day from acceptance date.
  • Complete financial aid process if eligible, by 14th day before class start.
  • Provide proof of vaccinations by 7th day after class start. Please visit the Stanbridge University Catalog for more information.
  • Attend an orientation prior to the start of your program. In the orientation, you receive important information to help you begin your classes and manage your time at Stanbridge University.

To learn for about transfer credit information, please visit


Schedule options that fit your life

The Associate of Occupational Science in Vocational Nursing program's full-time and part-time schedule is offered at the Orange County and Los Angeles campuses. The Riverside campus will offer the full-time schedule upon approval.


The approximate time to complete the program will vary according to the start and end dates of a cohort and ranges from 17 - 19 months for full time and 26 - 28 months for part time, including federal holidays and any breaks between terms. Schedules will be provided upon orientation. This program is 110 Quarter Credit Hours.


The Vocational Nursing program is offered in full-time and part-time tracks, and the courses are delivered via on-ground, online, and blended (on-ground and online) learning environments. Labs take place on-campus and clinicals occur at facility.


Dependent upon term, on-campus theory and lab are between one to four days per week.

The full-time program’s theory classes are up to 8-hours; lab classes are 8-hours; and clinical education is scheduled in 8- or 12-hour rotations. Theory classes are generally scheduled from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Lab/clinical classes are generally scheduled from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM or 7:00 PM. Students should be prepared to follow a facility’s approved clinical education schedule, which may include alternative and weekend rotations. Each term has asynchronous online assignments.


Dependent upon term, on-campus theory and lab are between one to two evenings and weekend per week.

The part-time program’s theory classes are up to 4-hours; lab classes are 8-hours; and clinical education is scheduled in 8- or 12-hour rotations. Labs and clinical education are scheduled on weekend days and can occur on Saturday, Sunday, or both. Theory classes are generally scheduled between 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Lab/clinical classes are generally scheduled from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM or 7:00 PM. Students should be prepared to follow a facility’s approved clinical education schedule, which may include alternative rotations. Each term has asynchronous online assignments.

One or more courses in this program are delivered online. Please take the Online Readiness Quiz to determine whether you can meet the hardware, software, and competency requirements for taking online courses.

Financial Aid

Finding the Right Fit for You

We understand that funding your studies can be overwhelming, which is why Stanbridge University has a dedicated Financial Aid team to help you find the best financial aid package for your needs.

Federal Financial Aid Programs

Stanbridge University has the following federal financial aid programs available to those who qualify.

  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan
  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
  • Federal Direct Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)
  • Federal Direct Loans for Graduate Students (PLUS)

Read more about these options in the Stanbridge University Catalog.

Cal Grants

Stanbridge University also participates in Cal Grants. Cal Grants are awarded to those who qualify by the California Student Aid Commission. Read more about these options in the Stanbridge University Catalog.

Private Education Loans

Stanbridge University has partnered with various lending institutions that offer private loans to those who qualify. FASTChoice provides you with information about private loan options. Please visit their website to help you determine which is best for you. Learn more at

How to Start Your Financial Aid Process

Get the most out of your meeting with our Financial Aid team by first creating your Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID) and completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®). If you or your parents would like one-on-one support, please contact our FAFSA Help Desk at 833-924-1628.

The FAFSA application will ask you to submit our school code:

Orange County Campus School Code: 038893
Los Angeles Campus School Code: E40465
Riverside Campus School Code: 038893

Learn more and get step by step instructions on the FSA and FAFSA at

Student Support Services

At Every Step of the Journey

Stanbridge University is committed to helping you achieve educational excellence through innovative, rigorous, and accessible programs with a student-centric, holistic support framework. From day one of orientation until well after graduation, our goal is to support each student, who will then go on to transform thousands of lives.

From the Very Start

Student support is woven into the very fabric of academic life from day one of your comprehensive, three-day orientation. At orientation, you will meet your support teams and fellow classmates who will join you as you journey towards your fullest potential.

Laying the Foundation for Success

Within your first year at Stanbridge®, you will have exclusive access to signature seminars designed to assist with goal setting, time management, academic discipline and integrity, positive communication, managing stress, and much more.

Support When You Need It Most

No matter how you learn, we offer tutoring solutions at no additional cost to help you succeed. Tutoring options include one-on-one and group tutoring with current students, alumni, and caring, dedicated faculty for your program. Additionally, you can access virtual tutoring from anywhere, conveniently integrating learning into every day life.

A Team You Can Count On

Student Services Officers

Your individual, dedicated Student Services Officer (SSO) is assigned to you from the first day of orientation. Your SSO is ready to provide highly individualized support with academic and personal development, offering assistance and guiding you through your program.

Student Success Coordinators and Retention Specialists

You’ll be able to work alongside student success coordinators and retention specialists who are committed to helping you succeed through individual mentorship and coaching. These specialists dedicate time and energy to meeting your needs as you progress toward achieving your educational and career goals.

Academic Assistance

In the Learning Resource Center, you can hone your writing, research, and critical thinking skills with the expert assistance of our on-campus librarian and writing specialist. Meet and collaborate with fellow students, tutors, and academic success specialists in your go-to location for all things academia.

Stanbridge Student Assistance Program

We are committed to not only your success as a student, but also your personal well-being. Through the Stanbridge Student Assistance Program, you will have access to free counseling services in order to help with a wide variety of difficult situations, including stress, depression and anxiety, family conflict, alcohol and drug abuse, identity theft, daycare issues, and more.

Help at the Click of a Button

We strive to create an environment where you can pursue your passion to the fullest. To this end, we provide convenient online workshops to enhance and enrich your student experience. You can delve into both academic and personal development workshops on a schedule that works for you.

Always Growing

Monthly Academic Success and Excellence (ASE) workshops offer you assistance with important real-life topics such as handling holiday stress, relationship health, academic burnout, increasing self-confidence, and clinical skillsets such as motivational interviewing. Further your understanding of yourself as you grow into a well-rounded future leader.

Become the Best You Can Be


We believe that every student has the power to change the world. You will have the opportunity to enrich your academic and personal development through rewarding community service projects. Learn, develop, and train for your future while you transform the local and global community for the greater good.

Student Organizations

Campus life at Stanbridge creates a lifelong community. By joining a student organization, you can practice, develop, and hone effective leadership skills and gain exclusive access to professional networking and leadership events that provide valuable career preparation.

Student Leadership Development

Become a new kind of leader, ready and able to meet the needs of a fast-paced, demanding industry. At the biannual two-day Stanbridge Student Leadership Summit, you will explore the values, skills and professional behaviors required as you learn alongside accomplished leaders.

Career Services

Your Future Starts Now

From your first day of orientation until long after your educational journey, our dedicated Career Services team is here to help. You will be paired with an individual Career Services Officer (CSO) who will offer one-on-one guidance with resume preparation, portfolio development, and practice interviews.

Digital Portfolio Builder

As an exclusive resource to our students and graduates, the Stanbridge University Digital Portfolio Builder helps you organize and present your academic experience from Stanbridge University and professional achievements into a modern and sleek online portfolio. As you progress, your academic achievements including GPA, completed courses, community service activities, and continuing education certifications are automatically updated in your portfolio. Along with guidance from your Career Service Officer, you can easily add and edit your achievements. The Digital Portfolio Builder also automatically creates a resume for you from the data collected during the portfolio creation process. You can email your digital portfolio in a single link to your future, potential employers for a unique and strong first impression.

Mock Interview Sessions

Our Career Services department guides students and graduates through personality mapping, salary negotiations, role-playing, and other specialized interview techniques to enable them to take control of the job interview. We make sure you’re confident to put your best foot forward.

LinkedIn Profile and Networking

LinkedIn is an essential tool for any active job-seeker. Career Services works with students and graduates to build LinkedIn networks to connect them to colleagues and potential employers.

Job Leads

Graduates receive access to continually updated job listings and career opportunities, including recruiting organizations and Southern California companies with whom we have built relationships.

Alumni Services

From a highly networked, vibrant Alumni Association to proven career services and exclusive alumni workshops, we are committed to your success as a graduate. You can network professionally, attend development workshops, and take part in fun community-building events. From the moment you cross the stage to every moment after, we’re there to help prep and propel you toward that next big thing.


NCLEX Licensure Pass Rate2

Your path to licensure starts here.

From your first term to graduation and beyond, you’ll take practice tests, receive online mentorship, and attend subject-specific reviews. Every touchpoint is designed to build your confidence toward licensure.

The Associate of Occupational Science in Vocational Nursing program at the Orange County and Los Angeles campuses do not have current graduates yet and therefore have no current pass rates.

Your path to licensure starts here.

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True Stories

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