Stanbridge University

Always Aiming Higher

Through numerous fellowship and partnership opportunities Stanbridge University students foster their classroom skills while meeting community needs. Each partnership offers students rewarding and impactful educational experiences.

  • Epic Days Foundation

    PTA Student, Ms. Hannah Marte

    Ms. Hannah Marte volunteered with the Epic Days Foundation, an organization focused on offering beach adventure experiences to children with special needs. Through this initiative, Ms. Marte utilized physical therapy skills to foster a fun and inclusive environment with enriching beach activities.

  • NDR Therapeutic Riding

    MSOT Student, Ms. Talin Mirzaei

    Ms. Talin Mirzaei volunteered with NDR Therapeutic Riding, a program offering equine-assisted activities (EAA) for people with disabilities. Through this fellowship, Ms. Mirzaei applied occupational therapy principles to help clients develop confidence and have fun in a safe, supportive environment.

  • The WAVES Project, Inc.

    MSOT Student, Ms. Whitney Boetel

    Ms. Whitney Boetel volunteered with the WAVES Project, providing access to therapeutic scuba diving experiences for wounded American combat veterans with spinal cord injuries, PTSD, amputations, and other impairments. Ms. Boetel’s work with WAVES helped expand its scope to allow more veterans access to the program.

  • Life Rolls On

    MSOT Student, Ms. Anneke Van Ommering

    Ms. Anneke Van Ommering volunteered with Life Rolls On, an adaptive surfing camp for people with disabilities. Through her partnership with Life Rolls On, Ms. Ommering helped implement a needs assessment program to provide better service and engagement and helped participants catch waves at adaptive surf events.

  • Project Wildsong

    VT Students, Ms. Margaret Han and Ms. Shelby Patrick

    Stanbridge Veterinary Technology students Margaret Han and Shelby Patrick volunteered with Project Wildsong to work with the ambassador wolves. Ms. Han and Ms. Patrick learned to care for exotic animals and aid in wildlife conservation while helping to create and implement interactive experiences for the public to interact with and learn about wolves.

  • OC Bike Camp and Ninja Warrior Recreation Camp

    PTA Student, Mr. Karl Andres

    Mr. Karl Andres volunteered to support children with special needs at the OC Bike Camp at the Ninja Warrior Recreation Camp. While training volunteers, Mr. Andres’ goal was to help provide participating children the opportunities for beneficial adaptive physical engagement, independent life skills, and fun.

  • High Hopes Head Injury Program

    OTA Student, Ms. Patricia Hansen

    Ms. Patricia Hansen volunteered with survivors of traumatic head injuries at High Hopes Head Injury Program. Through the innovative Lokomat machine, a robot-assisted walking therapy device, Ms. Hansen gained a better understanding of how clients can use walking therapy to improve mobility and independence.

  • Saddleback Memorial Medical Center

    ADN Student, Ms. Jacquelyn DuVall

    Ms. Jacquelyn DuVall assisted in the launch of the GetWell Network, an interactive patient care program at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center. Ms. Duvall learned leadership and interpersonal communication skills as she helped trained other nurses and hospital staff to use the system to support patients’ health education.